A word from the Chairman

The CSIF's missions can be summarised in a few key words

  • Bringing the companies of our sector together, in order to constitute a place of constructive exchange
  • Developing the importation of the fresh fruit and vegetables in the current economy by promoting its specifics: professionalism, complexity and flexibility.
  • Inform its members at economic, regulatory and corporate levels, in an increasingly more complex and changing environment;
  • Promoting our business by:
  1. Elucidating the various trades that make up the importer functions, capable of attracting new talent and developing enriching careers;
  2. Entrenching the place of fresh fruit and vegetables imports in the economy, in order to be better heeded by public and professional bodies, in France as in Europe.

These missions have but one objective: to accompany the development not only of our companies, by a series of services, but also of projects such as the F&V Partnership. You will find documentary resources and information on this website, in the continuity of this accompaniment volition.


The Chairman,

Philippe Pons.