The 1st Quality Management System for French BtoB Fruit and Vegetables Trade

A National Convention of Voluntary quality management systems, reserved to the ANEEFEL (National Association of Fruit and Vegetables Distributors and Exporters), the CSIF (French Federation of Fruit and Vegetables Importers) and the UNCGFL (National Union of Wholesale Trade of Fruit and Vegetables) companies.

3 partner Associations, representing over 60% of the volume available to consumers

A tripartite commitment

Company / Association / French Food Authority (DGCCRF)

3 fields of responsability and professional expertise

- Quality

- Food Safety

- Hygiene


Fruit and Vegetables wholesale, export, import and trade companies are, as holders, responsible for ensuring that regulations pertaining to standardization and labelling are enforced, and for those introducing a product to the market, complying with health regulations.

Within this framework, ANEEFEL, CSIF and UNCGFL wish to provide to their members a way to showcase their expertise of the products with which they work by working together whith the French Food Authority (DGCCRF) to create a responsible, voluntary policy based on a national Quality Management System.

FeL PARTENARIAT helps members companies of the associations to meet their clients' expectations as regards the quality, hygiene and food safety of fresh fruit and vegetables, whether they come from conventional or organic farming. 

FeL PARTENARIAT leaflet (in english)